Joseph S. Bui
Washington, DC

Work Experience

Senior Software Developer, April 2014 - present, Washington, DC
   * Develop and maintain backend logistics software: Rails, iOS
   * Develop and maintain front end retail site: Rails, iOS, Android
   * Develop and maintain OLAP systems, assist domain experts with analytics

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Feb 2004 - Mar 2014, Washington, DC
   * Team lead for sixteen member development team
   * Responsible for feature design, maintenance and documentation for web based application service provider software using Oracle, J2EE and Tomcat
   * Lead developer for credit card transaction processing, handling over $1 billion per year
   * Lead developer for email messaging to constituents, handling over 10 billion messages per year
   * Lead developer for constituent to legislative official communications, handling over 100 million messages per year
   * Lead developer for content management systems for over 1,000 customer sites

U. S. District Court
ADR System Analyst/Programmer Engineer, Aug 2002 - Dec 2003, San Francisco, CA
   * Developed, tested and maintained Alternative Dispute Resolution application running SQL Server and ASP.NET
   * Maintained existing ASP, SQL Server 7, Unify and PerfectScript applications on Windows 2000 servers and Windows 95/XP clients
   * Migrated legacy databases to SQL Server from Unify, Access, Excel, Informix and other sources

Blue Scope Technologies
Staff Engineer, May 2000 - Dec 2001, San Francisco, CA
   * Developed P2P collaboration software and Media Manager applications using Oracle and Weblogic
   * Maintained production application servers running on Solaris
   * Maintained corporate web sites and servers running SQL Server and IIS

Silicon Energy
Internet Software Developer, Jun 1999 - May 2000, Alameda, CA
   * Developed Enterprise Energy Management Suite Curtailment Manager module
   * Maintained and enhanced Enterprise Energy Management Suite using SQL Server and IIS
   * Lead five member web team responsible for front end
   * Lead four member middleware team responsible for middle tier and online analytical processing

Platinum Technology
QA Engineer, Oct 1997 - Feb 1999, San Francisco, CA
   * Build and release engineer for all technology products
   * Developed testing applications in Visual Basic, Java and MFC C++ for Instant 3D ToolKit API, core 3D rendering engine and WorldView for Developers API
   * Developed VRML rendering, Javascript and Java EAI test suites for WorldView browser


Case Western Reserve University
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, May 1997, Cleveland, OH

Hewlett-Packard Company
Cooperative Education Program, Jan 1995 - Dec 1996, Santa Clara, CA
   * Developed communications protocol for network synchronization distribution unit
   * Designed front interface panel for GPS frequency source
   * Developed testing automation program and scripting language for RS-232 devices

   * Project team leadership, product lifecycle management, system administration
   * Java, SQL, PL/SQL, C#, VB.NET, C, Pascal/Delphi, x86 assembly
   * Ruby, TCL, ECMAscript, VBScript, Perl
   * AngularJS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, VRML
   * Rails, AOLserver, IIS, Resin, Tomcat
   * MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL
   * OSX, Debian, SuSE, Windows Server